tracking laws

Florida GPS Laws

GPS laws

    Electronic sleuthing rules have been proposed, which relate to GPS laws. It is important to find out your state local GPS laws before purchasing a unit. Different states have different GPS laws and guidelines that can be used to track individuals. The state law in Florida has a new proposed bill that states …

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Employee Monitoring

obd tracker

Employee monitoring is becoming increasingly popular as businesses are looking for cost effective strategies to manage large companies. Employers are looking for ways to track employee work time in order to defend against unpaid overtime claims. Employee monitoring can be used to increase efficiency, ensure compliance with company policies, address safety concerns, and protect employer-owned property. GPS Trackers such as GPS …

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GPS Legality

GPS Legality

    GPS legality has been questioned by the Supreme Court ever since a 2 year old Supreme Court ruling. The case reached conflicting conclusions and left unresolved questions involving a world where technology and privacy intersect. The ruling on the January 2012 case of United States v. Jones set constitutional boundaries involving the use …

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