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Police Tracking with GPS Trackers

police tracking

    Police tracking includes the use of real time GPS Tracking solutions to better monitor police departments.  The Memphis Police Department is one of many police departments that are taking advantage of police tracking by placing real time GPS Trackers on every patrol car.  This is a plan that hopes to get more police …

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Delivery Tracking

delivery tracking

    Delivery tracking is the use of a GPS Tracker to track delivery vans and other vehicles in order to improve the business. Delivery tracking can be used by several companies in order to know the location of all of their vans and provide an easy method of choosing the best employee to make the delivery. …

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GPS and Alzheimer’s

personal tracker

    Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes patients to wander and they often get lost. Patients often have difficulty remembering their name and even where they live.  Caregivers are often using tracking technology in order to keep Alzheimer’s patients safe as well as provide peace of mind. 60% of patients with Alzheimer’s exhibit wandering …

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GPS Tracker Alerts

    With the most updated technology on the market, GPS Tracker USA allows MMS text messages to be sent to the user to notify them of the GPS tracker’s activity.  Emails can also be sent of any alerts regarding the GPS Tracker. GPS Tracker alerts can be configured directly from the software with the …

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Report History for GPS Tracking

city tracking

      GPS Tracker USA stores up to a one year report history. The report history is easily accessible once logged into the account. The report history will show the miles per hour, exact coordinates, address, motion, and any stops. The reports can be used to export to excel, which is perfect for fleet tracking. Employers can …

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