portable gps tracker

Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking

heavy equipment tracking

   GPS Trackers such as the portable Micro Tracker can be used for heavy equipment tracking.  Heavy equipment tracking is used to ensure that heavy equipment does not go stolen.  The Micro Tracker is a small GPS Tracker about the size of a palm and can be attached to heavy equipment using a magnet or …

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Police Tracking with GPS Trackers

police tracking

    Police tracking includes the use of real time GPS Tracking solutions to better monitor police departments.  The Memphis Police Department is one of many police departments that are taking advantage of police tracking by placing real time GPS Trackers on every patrol car.  This is a plan that hopes to get more police …

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Mini Battery for Micro GL 200

two month extended battery pack

    The mini battery is the newest accessory for the portable Micro Tracker.  The mini battery comes inside a small weatherproof case.  The black case is very similar to the case offered on GPS Tracker USA’s website just slightly larger.  It is a magnetic case that can be used to affix the Micro Tracker to any magnetic surface such as the top side of the …

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Computer Tracking with the Micro Tracker

computer tracking

    Desktop computers can be tracked by placing a small GPS Tracker such as the Micro Tracker inside the computer. The Micro Tracker can either be placed inside the box when being shipped or can actually fit inside the actual desktop. The Micro Tracker has two and a half weeks of battery life on a single charge and can easily be concealed …

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Using GPS Trackers for City Tracking

city tracking

    City tracking involves using real time GPS Trackers to monitor city vehicles.  This can include placing a GPS Tracker on city vehicles in order to serve as a resource such as notifying citizens when streets have been plowed.  Other uses of city tracking can include monitoring schools so parents can rest easy knowing the bus arrived at the school or …

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Container Tracking Using Real Time GPS Trackers

container tracking

    Container tracking involves using the portable Micro Tracker in order to track and secure shipments so employers can more efficiently run a business.  Keeping track of containers while in transit could be a difficult process, so GPS Trackers make this process easier.  Companies will always know where their assets are and can track the location right from …

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GPS Tracker Placement Locations

GPS Tracker placement

    The portable Micro Tracker has several different locations that it could be placed.  The GPS Tracker placement is important to ensure that the device is in a concealable area, while still having excellent signal.  GPS Tracker placement varies whether it is being placed on a vehicle, person, or object.  If you do not have access to …

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GPS Tracker for Camera Tracking

camera tracking

    Camera tracking is another way that GPS trackers can be used to track valuable objects such as expensive photography equipment. Cameras can cost upwards to thousands of dollars, so whether you are part of a production company or a freelance photographer, GPS Trackers may provide an ideal solution. Camera tracking allows a miniature GPS Tracker to be placed on …

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Drone Tracking Using GPS Tracker

drone tracking

    Due to increasing technology, more and more people are beginning to own drones.  Drone tracking places a real time GPS Tracker on a drone in case the drone goes missing or gets stolen.  The GPS Tracker can be attached right onto the drone using a magnetic clip or another secure material.  The owner of the drone can then log …

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Pet Tracking Using GPS Trackers

pet tracking

     Pet tracking can be done using GPS Tracker USA’s portable Micro Tracker. The micro tracker can be placed on a pet for convenient tracking. The GPS Tracker weighs a little less than a pound so it can be configured to rest on the pet’s collar. The GPS Tracker will track the pet’s location at all times using the easy to use GPS Tracking …

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