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Police Tracking with GPS Trackers

police tracking

    Police tracking includes the use of real time GPS Tracking solutions to better monitor police departments.  The Memphis Police Department is one of many police departments that are taking advantage of police tracking by placing real time GPS Trackers on every patrol car.  This is a plan that hopes to get more police …

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Bike Tracking Using GPS Tracker

bike tracking

   GPS Tracker USA offers a portable Micro Tracker, which can be used to track bicycles. Bike tracking is becoming more and more popular with the increase in thefts of expensive bicycles all over the world. Bicycles are constantly stolen everyday and U-Locks are no longer able to secure bikes. Thieves find ways to cut through the …

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Repossession Cases

repossession cases

    Repossession cases are one reason why a GPS Tracker may be necessary in order to track a car’s location. Repossession agencies will normally contact the owner after a month of missed payments and will then attempt to repossess the car if a payment is not made. The use of GPS Trackers is effective in locating these vehicles …

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Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking

  The portable Micro Tracker offered by GPS Tracker USA can be used for Fitness tracking. Fitness tracking can include a person running a marathon or keeping track of a cross country event. The Micro Tracker will provide information such as the speed traveled as well as the exact location. The Micro Tracker can be configured to update every minute all the way …

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GPS Tracker for Motorcycle

The Hard Wire GPS Tracker can be used to track any motorcycle. The Hard Wire Tracker updates every minute and hooks into the motorcycle’s ignition. The GPS Tracker for motorcycle requires professional installation, which can be completed at any local Best Buy or audio shop. The Hard Wire GPS Tracker features a kill switch device, which …

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