luggage tracker

GPS Tracker Placement Locations

GPS Tracker placement

    The portable Micro Tracker has several different locations that it could be placed.  The GPS Tracker placement is important to ensure that the device is in a concealable area, while still having excellent signal.  GPS Tracker placement varies whether it is being placed on a vehicle, person, or object.  If you do not have access to …

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Using GPS Trackers to Track Jewelry

track jewelry

The portable Micro Tracker can be used to track jewelry right from your phone or computer. The Micro Tracker is used by jewelers to keep track of their jewelry that travels from show to show. Jewelry is expensive and GPS Trackers could be a cost effective way to ensure that your jewelry is safe and arrives at the location. This is …

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Tracking Solutions

tracking solutions

 GPS Tracker USA offers several unique types of tracking solutions besides uses such as stalking, spying on others, or tracking employees. GPS tracking can be used in a variety of different ways, which can actually benefit companies and raise profits. Parents can also take advantage of GPS Tracking whether it is monitoring the activity of their children or ensuring a …

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Suitcase GPS

suitcase gps

The portable Micro Tracker can be used to prevent lost suitcases when traveling. Often bags go missing since people can easily grab the wrong bag. Most suitcases look similar and unless the traveler is willing to tie a ribbon around their bag, it can be very difficult distinguishing which bag belongs to whom. The suitcase GPS is becoming more …

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