hard wire tracker

Police Tracking with GPS Trackers

police tracking

    Police tracking includes the use of real time GPS Tracking solutions to better monitor police departments.  The Memphis Police Department is one of many police departments that are taking advantage of police tracking by placing real time GPS Trackers on every patrol car.  This is a plan that hopes to get more police …

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Trailer Tracking

trailer tracking

    Trailer Tracking is one of the many uses that can be used by GPS Tracker USA to track trailers in real time. Trailer Tracking is important because $30 billion is stolen from trailers and cargo each year. GPS Tracker USA has a device that can help reduce this number and ensure that the …

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Golf Cart Tracking with GPS

golf cart tracking

    Golf cart tracking involves an owner placing a real time GPS Tracker on a golf cart in order to ensure that the golf cart doesn’t get stolen. Golf carts are expensive vehicles and very easy to steal. Golf cart tracking prevents theft by allowing the owner to monitor the location of the golf cart using a phone, tablet, or …

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Hardwire Tracker Real Time

hardwire tracker

    The Hardwire Tracker is one of the three different types of GPS Trackers offered by GPS Tracker USA. The Hardwire Tracker is professionally installed and provides updates every minute. It connects to the battery of the vehicle and is undetectable. It can be installed in a number of different types of vehicles including a car, truck, motorcycle, or even a …

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Using GPS Trackers for City Tracking

city tracking

    City tracking involves using real time GPS Trackers to monitor city vehicles.  This can include placing a GPS Tracker on city vehicles in order to serve as a resource such as notifying citizens when streets have been plowed.  Other uses of city tracking can include monitoring schools so parents can rest easy knowing the bus arrived at the school or …

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Food Tracking With GPS Trackers

food tracking

    Food tracking involves using GPS Trackers to track food delivery vehicles so customers will be able to know when their orders will be arriving. Domino’s Pizza is the latest company that is beginning to use food tracking and says that during 2015, it will add GPS Tracking to its delivery vehicles so customers will know exactly how …

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Using GPS Trackers for Vehicle Maintenance

vehicle maintenance

    Vehicle maintenance is one of the many areas that GPS Trackers can be used to reduce costs as well as efficiency.  For several years, engine diagnostics data has been collected, but GPS trackers can be used to improve maintenance. GPS Trackers can improve vehicle maintenance by preventing vehicle breakdowns and setting a new standard for vehicle maintenance. Using the …

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Using GPS Technology for Bus Route

bus route

    Buses are beginning to use GPS Trackers in order to improve wait times for buses and allow bus riders to have a general idea when buses are running late. Simple apps can be installed on a smart phone or the bus route can be implemented on a website to allow bus riders to see where …

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Delivery Tracking

delivery tracking

    Delivery tracking is the use of a GPS Tracker to track delivery vans and other vehicles in order to improve the business. Delivery tracking can be used by several companies in order to know the location of all of their vans and provide an easy method of choosing the best employee to make the delivery. …

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Fleet Tracking

fleet tracking

US Fleet Tracking recently published an article that explains the importance of safety on the highway and suggests 3 ways that a GPS Tracker can help any business fleet be safer. Highway driving on a normal day involves risk and adding bad weather to the equation increases the danger. GPS Trackers can aid in this risk by using fleet tracking to …

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