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Florida GPS Laws

GPS laws

    Electronic sleuthing rules have been proposed, which relate to GPS laws. It is important to find out your state local GPS laws before purchasing a unit. Different states have different GPS laws and guidelines that can be used to track individuals. The state law in Florida has a new proposed bill that states …

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Anti-theft Tracking

anti-theft tracking

    GPS Trackers are becoming increasingly used for anti-theft tracking. GPS Trackers can be placed on wholesale products such as food or even electronics at major retail stores. One way that GPS Trackers have been used for anti-theft tracking is in one situation where they were placed on Kit Kat bars at a major distributor. Thieves attempted to rob a wholesale distributor, …

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GPS Tracker Postcard – GL 300, Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker

GPS Tracker USA offers unique GPS Trackers including the portable Micro Tracker, OBD II GPS Tracker, and the GL 300. The Micro Tracker and GL 300 are both portable GPS Trackers that provide real time tracking. The Micro Tracker‘s battery lasts for up to two and  a half weeks on 5 minute updates. The update intervals can be configured for either 3 minute updates, 2 minute updates, …

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Using GPS Tracker as Personal Security When Living Alone

personal security

Living alone can be scary whether you are a recent college graduate moving into a brand new place or a professional businesswoman who just bought a new place. Personal security needs to be a primary concern for anybody living alone so the use of GPS Trackers can help alleviate these concerns. The portable Micro Tracker is a portable GPS Tracker that …

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Fleet Tracking

fleet tracking

US Fleet Tracking recently published an article that explains the importance of safety on the highway and suggests 3 ways that a GPS Tracker can help any business fleet be safer. Highway driving on a normal day involves risk and adding bad weather to the equation increases the danger. GPS Trackers can aid in this risk by using fleet tracking to …

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Repossession Cases

repossession cases

    Repossession cases are one reason why a GPS Tracker may be necessary in order to track a car’s location. Repossession agencies will normally contact the owner after a month of missed payments and will then attempt to repossess the car if a payment is not made. The use of GPS Trackers is effective in locating these vehicles …

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Bug Detector

bug detector

The bug detector is a spy gadget offered by Spy Spot Investigations that can be used in locating GPS devices as well as camera devices. The bug detector is a portable device with a sensitivity nozzle which can be adjusted accordingly. The bug detector can detect frequencies ranging from 1 MHz – 6.5 GHz. Two modes are featured on the bug detector including the first mode …

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