Child GPS

Using GPS Technology for Bus Route

bus route

    Buses are beginning to use GPS Trackers in order to improve wait times for buses and allow bus riders to have a general idea when buses are running late. Simple apps can be installed on a smart phone or the bus route can be implemented on a website to allow bus riders to see where …

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GPS Tracker Postcard – GL 300, Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker

GPS Tracker USA offers unique GPS Trackers including the portable Micro Tracker, OBD II GPS Tracker, and the GL 300. The Micro Tracker and GL 300 are both portable GPS Trackers that provide real time tracking. The Micro Tracker‘s battery lasts for up to two and  a half weeks on 5 minute updates. The update intervals can be configured for either 3 minute updates, 2 minute updates, …

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Personal Tracker

personal tracker

    The Micro Tracker is a personal tracker that can be used by a person to place on themselves as a security measure. With the increasing rate of kidnappings and people often going lost, the personal tracker can provide a security blanket. The personal tracker is a portable GPS Tracker that fits in a person’s pocket, purse, or bag.         The personal …

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Bus Tracking

Bus tracking

 GPS Tracker USA offers several types of GPS Trackers that can be used for bus tracking. Bus tracking is becoming increasingly popular due to a multitude of reasons. Schools can use bus tracking to make sure that their drivers are following the correct routes and are using the most efficient routes. This can be a cost effective strategy to save the school money …

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Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking

  The portable Micro Tracker offered by GPS Tracker USA can be used for Fitness tracking. Fitness tracking can include a person running a marathon or keeping track of a cross country event. The Micro Tracker will provide information such as the speed traveled as well as the exact location. The Micro Tracker can be configured to update every minute all the way …

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White GL 200

White GL 200

 The White GL 200 is another model of the Micro Tracker with the only difference being that the GL 200 is white instead of black. The White GL 200 is perfect to conceal outside of light colored cars. The GPS Tracker has all of the same features as the black GL 200, which includes real time tracking on a rechargeable two week battery. The White GL 200 can …

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Tracking Solutions

tracking solutions

 GPS Tracker USA offers several unique types of tracking solutions besides uses such as stalking, spying on others, or tracking employees. GPS tracking can be used in a variety of different ways, which can actually benefit companies and raise profits. Parents can also take advantage of GPS Tracking whether it is monitoring the activity of their children or ensuring a …

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GPS Legality

GPS Legality

    GPS legality has been questioned by the Supreme Court ever since a 2 year old Supreme Court ruling. The case reached conflicting conclusions and left unresolved questions involving a world where technology and privacy intersect. The ruling on the January 2012 case of United States v. Jones set constitutional boundaries involving the use …

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Report History for GPS Tracking

city tracking

      GPS Tracker USA stores up to a one year report history. The report history is easily accessible once logged into the account. The report history will show the miles per hour, exact coordinates, address, motion, and any stops. The reports can be used to export to excel, which is perfect for fleet tracking. Employers can …

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Child GPS Tracker to Ensure Child Safety

The portable Micro Tracker is the perfect GPS Tracker that can be used by a parent in order to track their child with the child GPS. The Micro Tracker comes equipped with a panic button that can be used to send an emergency alert via text message and/or email to a parent or caregiver. From …

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