Micro Tracker Accessories

micro tracker accessories

     Micro Tracker accessories include the different accessories that can be used in conjunction with the real time portable Micro Tracker. Micro Tracker accessories include the magnetic clip, magnetic case, extended battery case, car charger, and the hard wire power kit. Each accessory can be used to increase the versatility of the portable Micro Tracker. Micro Tracker accessories such as the magnetic case and magnetic clip provide the Micro Tracker with the …

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Container Tracking Using Real Time GPS Trackers

container tracking

    Container tracking involves using the portable Micro Tracker in order to track and secure shipments so employers can more efficiently run a business.  Keeping track of containers while in transit could be a difficult process, so GPS Trackers make this process easier.  Companies will always know where their assets are and can track the location right from …

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Maritime Tracking

maritime tracking

    GPS Tracker USA’s portable Micro Tracker can be used for maritime tracking. On average, ships only report their final destination about 41% of the time. Fifty-five percent of ships misrepresent their port of call for most of their voyage. Maritime tracking secures a GPS Tracker to a ship, which allows it to be tracked from a phone or computer. …

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Senior Tracking for People with Dementia

senior tracking

    Real time GPS Trackers can be the ideal solution for individuals suffering with dementia. It is safe for seniors to drive with dementia, but senior tracking will provide a peace of mind that your loved one is safe. Most doctors will recommend that individuals with severe dementia not take the wheel, but it isn’t against …

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GPS Tracker Placement Locations

GPS Tracker placement

    The portable Micro Tracker has several different locations that it could be placed.  The GPS Tracker placement is important to ensure that the device is in a concealable area, while still having excellent signal.  GPS Tracker placement varies whether it is being placed on a vehicle, person, or object.  If you do not have access to …

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GPS Tracker for Camera Tracking

camera tracking

    Camera tracking is another way that GPS trackers can be used to track valuable objects such as expensive photography equipment. Cameras can cost upwards to thousands of dollars, so whether you are part of a production company or a freelance photographer, GPS Trackers may provide an ideal solution. Camera tracking allows a miniature GPS Tracker to be placed on …

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Drone Tracking Using GPS Tracker

drone tracking

    Due to increasing technology, more and more people are beginning to own drones.  Drone tracking places a real time GPS Tracker on a drone in case the drone goes missing or gets stolen.  The GPS Tracker can be attached right onto the drone using a magnetic clip or another secure material.  The owner of the drone can then log …

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Spy Spot Private Investigation Academy

investigation academy

    Spy Spot Investigations is a subdivision of GPS Tracker USA and  just launched it’s brand new Private Investigation Academy. The Investigation Academy can be taken by all individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in Private Investigation. The Investigation Academy runs every Wednesday at 7:00 in Deerfield Beach. Courses will be taught such as report …

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Pet Tracking Using GPS Trackers

pet tracking

     Pet tracking can be done using GPS Tracker USA’s portable Micro Tracker. The micro tracker can be placed on a pet for convenient tracking. The GPS Tracker weighs a little less than a pound so it can be configured to rest on the pet’s collar. The GPS Tracker will track the pet’s location at all times using the easy to use GPS Tracking …

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Disabled Tracking for College Buses

disabled tracking

    Disabled tracking involves using GPS Trackers to improve the transportation of permanently or temporarily disabled individuals. Yale is one of the first colleges to implement this technology. Yale has recently submitted a proposal that will track a van service that transports individuals with disabilities. Disabled tracking will make it easier for these disabled …

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