clock camera

WIFI Clock Camera Security Surveillance

    The WIFI Clock Camera is a fully functioning clock that also streams video and audio in real time.  The clock camera can be accessed from any device running iOS or Android as well as a PC.  It streams in full 1080P and has a wide angle of 160 degrees.  The WIFI Clock Camera is easy to install and could be installed within a matter of minutes.  The installation just requires pairing the camera to the home/business WIFI network.  The clock camera features night vision as well as motion detection.  Through the app, scheduled recordings can be setup which includes designating times and days that the clock camera will record.  The app is completely free and can be accessed from the Apple app store for the iPhone and Google Play for Android devices.  The clock camera also comes with a CD, which contains drivers to access the device from a computer.

    The WIFI Clock Camera supports up to a 32 GB micro SD card.  The SD card is used to save all of the video files and can be saved either directly on the app or onto the memory card.  The clock camera has a battery life of up to 90 minutes or it may be connected to a power outlet for a continuous charge.  The battery is rechargeable and can either be charged through the computer or the wall outlet.  Multiple clock cameras can be added to the same app allowing the user to monitor multiple rooms at once.  As long as there is a WIFI connection established from the clock, then the user can access the clock from anywhere around the world.

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