city tracking

Using GPS Trackers for City Tracking

    City tracking involves using real time GPS Trackers to monitor city vehicles.  This can include placing a GPS Tracker on city vehicles in order to serve as a resource such as notifying citizens when streets have been plowed.  Other uses of city tracking can include monitoring schools so parents can rest easy knowing the bus arrived at the school or be notified if the bus is running late.  GPS Trackers can be moved from vehicle to vehicle and can be used for multiple uses depending on the season and the time of the year.  City tracking can provide a cost effective solution to city problems both minimizing expenses, while providing a productive benefit.  GPS Tracker USA offers the Micro TrackerOBD Tracker, and Hardwire Tracker, which can each be used for city tracking. More information for each GPS Tracker can be found on the main website.

    One big issue with city tracking is deciding who will be the one to monitor all of the devices.  One solution to this issue is to have the head of each public safety department monitor their section of GPS Trackers.  GPS Tracker USA provides the benefit of offering work hour tracking, which will monitor the GPS Trackers during the work week.  This prevents the issue of people being monitored while not at their workplace, which in turn can lead to lawsuits.  Hours may be specified for the work week for city tracking.  City tracking will also allow city workers to be monitored to make sure they are using their city cars appropriately so the rotten apples may be disciplined.  This can lead to increased revenue by replacing the rotten apples with loyal employees.

    GPS Tracker USA offers huge discounted rates for city tracking.  GPS Tracker USA prides itself on beating all competing companies in price and can be contacted for a price quote.  Discounts will be offered on the cost of the units themselves, monthly service, and activation fees.  The GPS Tracking software will provide information such as the miles per hour, exact location, street view, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, and more.  Report history stores up to six months of data.  Multiple units may be tracked underneath one account and worldwide tracking is available.  Contact us today to be provided a full price quote and for more information.