snow plow tracking

Snow Plow Tracking Using GPS Trackers

     With the winter storms severely affecting the northeast region, snow plow tracking can be used to track areas that are being affected by the storms. With snow plow tracking, cities can keep track of all the work vehicles using real time GPS Trackers. The GPS Trackers can be placed on snow plows and then monitored through the website as well as mobile devices to track the location. GPS Tracker USA offers real time GPS Trackers that can be used for snow plow tracking.

    Pittsburgh is one city that just recently implemented GPS Tracking on its snow plows.  The city set up a website that allows people to see what areas have been plowed. The website shows each area and the current status of the snow plows using GPS Tracking technology. The map shows the streets that the plows have traveled and updates the current location instantly. Citizens can enter their address into a search bar and can see the location of the snow plows nearest to them. This is just one city that has recently implemented snow plow tracking, but it can become increasingly popular with the proper implementation. Snow plow tracking shows the city’s residents that the city is hard at work treating the streets so the public can better gauge the service.

    GPS Tracker USA can be used for snow plow tracking. Multiple units may be configured underneath the same account using the easy to use Google Maps interface. The tracking portal provides information such as the exact location, street view, breadcrumb trail, satellite view and more. Perimeters may even be configured to notify the user via text message and/or email anytime the snow plow enters a certain area. The positioning of each snow plow can be mapped on a website using an iFrame so everybody can have access to where the snow plows are located. Contact us today to be provided a free quote as well as more information.