senior tracking

Senior Tracking for People with Dementia

    Real time GPS Trackers can be the ideal solution for individuals suffering with dementia. It is safe for seniors to drive with dementia, but senior tracking will provide a peace of mind that your loved one is safe. Most doctors will recommend that individuals with severe dementia not take the wheel, but it isn’t against the law for them to drive.  Senior tracking will allow you to always keep an eye on your loved one by knowing his location at all times right on a phone or computer.  It is important to monitor a senior’s driving habits suffering from dementia.  Keep track of warning signs such as the individual forgetting routes to familiar places, driving at inappropriate speeds, slow reaction time, and poor decision choices.  Also, check for any scratches, dents, and damage to the vehicle.

    Real time GPS Trackers such as the Micro Tracker allow a GPS Tracker to be placed directly underneath the vehicle or inside the vehicle.  Senior tracking can be done using any smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Senior tracking allows perimeters and speed limits to be configured that will send a text message or email if any of these parameters are violated.  This will make senior tracking easy and convenient.  Although seniors may be permitted to drive with dementia it is important for their safety and the safety of others that they be monitored.

    GPS Trackers are just one of the many solutions for senior tracking.  Other solutions can include having the senior sign a contract that grants permission for somebody to say that it isn’t safe for them to drive anymore.  Also, recommendations to the senior to only drive during the day and in low traffic areas will ease the transition process.  It is very difficult for individuals suffering from dementia to be told that they shouldn’t drive, so the transition process should be eased into.  GPS Trackers are a perfect beginning step to ensure that your loved one is driving safely and provides peace of mind.