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Report History for GPS Tracking

      GPS Tracker USA stores up to a one year report history. The report history is easily accessible once logged into the account. The report history will show the miles per hour, exact coordinates, address, motion, and any stops. The reports can be used to export to excel, which is perfect for fleet tracking. Employers can store all the data of their employees. They can then view that data at a later date. Reports can be generated at anytime. Several reports can be exported to excel. Just select a start and finish date and generate a report for those days. Report history makes it easy to pinpoint the exact location somebody was at a set time. The reports are generated based on the update intervals, so if the GPS device is set at minute updates events will be generated every minute.

      GPS Tracker USA is your ideal source to obtain the most accurate and updated information from report history. Multiple vehicles can be generated underneath the same report. A full report can be exported to excel of all the devices under the same account. The report is also color coded for simple viewing based on the type of event that occurred. The report history is just one of the many ways that GPS Tracker USA provides the most complete and accurate location data.

      Create an account and take advantage of this feature provided by GPS Tracker USA. This is just one of the many features available. The breadcrumb trail is another feature included. The breadcrumb trail is a visual display of the report history. The trail will have arrows that point out the path the vehicle took and any stops it made along the way. With these two features GPS Tracking is simple and right at your fingertips. Order your GPS Tracker today to take advantage of the many features that the GPS software provides.