police tracking

Police Tracking with GPS Trackers

    Police tracking includes the use of real time GPS Tracking solutions to better monitor police departments.  The Memphis Police Department is one of many police departments that are taking advantage of police tracking by placing real time GPS Trackers on every patrol car.  This is a plan that hopes to get more police officers on the street by providing more jobs and to make the job easier.  The use of GPS Tracking devices is just one of the many ways that police departments can improve their organizations.  Other methods being employed by departments include body cameras on every officer as well as dash cams in every patrol car.  Body cameras provide video evidence of any occurrence as well as insurance for the officer.  The dash camera also solidifies video proof of any traffic stop or police chase.

    The portable Micro Tracker is one device offered by GPS Tracker USA that provides real time tracking for police officers. The Micro Tracker lasts for two and a half weeks on a single charge and features a rechargeable battery. Another GPS Tracker that can be used for police tracking is the OBD Tracker which gets its power from the OBD 2 port and stays permanently charged. This tracker is ideal for police tracking since it plugs into the vehicle within seconds and holds a constant charge. The other option for police tracking is the hard wire GPS Tracker, which also includes a kill switch. The hard wire tracker is installed behind the dashboard and features a kill switch that can be used to remotely disable the ignition from any location.

    The GPS Tracking software provides real time location updates using any phone or computer. The software can be configured to provide text/email alerts as well as information such as a breadcrumb trail. The tracking portal stores up to six months of report history and can be accessed from any smart phone, tablet, or computer. Contact us today for rates on large purchases for police departments as well as any current sales.