pet tracking

Pet Tracking Using GPS Trackers

     Pet tracking can be done using GPS Tracker USA’s portable Micro Tracker. The micro tracker can be placed on a pet for convenient tracking. The GPS Tracker weighs a little less than a pound so it can be configured to rest on the pet’s collar. The GPS Tracker will track the pet’s location at all times using the easy to use GPS Tracking software. Pet tracking allows the owner to rest easy knowing that their pet is safe and will know its location at all times. Pets can run away from time to time and with GPS Tracking, pets can be located within minutes. Pet tracking provides peace of mind for the owner and allows pets to quickly be located in case they go missing. The micro tracker may be a little heavy for a smaller pet, but for larger pets it is an ideal solution.

    Pet tracking allows the pet to be tracked from any phone, computer, or tablet. Geofences may be configured to notify the owner by text message and/or email anytime the pet enters a restricted area. The GPS Tracking software can be configured to provide minute updates or 5 minute updates. The micro tracker’s battery lasts for about 2 weeks on 5 minute updates and can be recharged through a power outlet. Pet tracking can be used to track all kinds of pets ranging from dogs to animals found at a zoo such as elephants, monkeys, tigers, and more. Just place the GPS Tracker on the animal and know its location at all times. This is perfect for transporting an animal from one location to another such as circuses.

    The monthly monitoring service for pet tracking is $24.95. It has a one time Activation fee of $44.95 and monthly monitoring can be tracked month to month. For owners with more than one pet, multiple units can be configured underneath the same account. Discounted rates are offered for larger purchases. Please contact us at (561) 279-3939 to be provided a price quote.