GPS Tracker for Motorcycle

The Hard Wire GPS Tracker can be used to track any motorcycle. The Hard Wire Tracker updates every minute and hooks into the motorcycle’s ignition. The GPS Tracker for motorcycle requires professional installation, which can be completed at any local Best Buy or audio shop. The Hard Wire GPS Tracker features a kill switch device, which will remotely disable the ignition from any location. Motorcycles are prone to theft, so with the kill switch tracker you will know the location of the bike as well as be able to kill the ignition. The following video will demonstrate how the device works and how simple it is to remotely disable the ignition directly from a smart phone.


The software will provide detailed information such as a full breadcrumb trail and stores up to a one year report history. The software can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smart phone. Receive a satellite view using the Google Maps interface or even a street view showing the location. The Hard Wire GPS Tracker Vehicle Tracker Wired in Tracker Hardwire GPS Minute Updates and Kill SwitchTracker updates every minute so keep track of the motorcycle minute by minute using the GPS software. Configure alerts to notify you by text message and/or email anytime the ignition is turned on or the motorcycle enters a certain area. Perimeters can be configured so you will be notified anytime the motorcycle enters or exits that perimeter. Protect your motorcycle using the easy to use software and the kill switch GPS Tracker.