two month extended battery pack

Mini Battery for Micro GL 200

    The mini battery is the newest accessory for the portable Micro Tracker.  The mini battery comes inside a small weatherproof case.  The black case is very similar to the case offered on GPS Tracker USA’s website just slightly larger.  It is a magnetic case that can be used to affix the Micro Tracker to any magnetic surface such as the top side of the frame of the vehicle.  The magnetic case is built to withstand extreme temperatures as well as precipitation such as rain and snow.  The Micro Tracker attaches to the mini battery which is then placed inside the magnetic case.  The mini battery lasts up to 4-6 weeks on minute updates and features a rechargeable battery.  The mini battery will last up to 2 months on five minute updates.  The mini battery is the perfect accessory for the individual that thinks the 6 month extended battery is too bulky and wants a more portable option.

    The mini battery is currently offered by Spy Spot Investigations.  The accessory can be purchased right on Spy Spot’s website and then the GPS Tracking software can be accessed from GPS Tracker USA.  This is the latest accessory available in order to increase the versatility of the Micro Tracker while providing a more concrete solution to the battery life.  The battery life of the Micro Tracker normally lasts for two and a half weeks so the addition of the mini battery can extend the battery life up to 2 months.  The GPS Tracking software can be accessed using any phone, tablet, or computer.  The software will provide information such as the miles per hour, exact location, street view, breadcrumb trail, and more.  Multiple units can be configured under the same account and worldwide tracking is available.  Contact us today for more information and to place an order for the mini battery.