heavy equipment tracking

Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking

   GPS Trackers such as the portable Micro Tracker can be used for heavy equipment tracking.  Heavy equipment tracking is used to ensure that heavy equipment does not go stolen.  The Micro Tracker is a small GPS Tracker about the size of a palm and can be attached to heavy equipment using a magnet or other means.  GPS Tracker USA offers a six month extended battery pack with magnet or a two month extended battery with magnet.  Each accessory places the Micro Tracker inside the case and then allows the Micro Tracker to be attached to a magnetic surface.  The battery of the Micro Tracker is rechargeable and lasts for two and a half weeks without an extended battery pack.  The Micro Tracker also has a built in motion sensor that can notify the user anytime heavy equipment is moved.

   Heavy equipment tracking has been used to recover stolen equipment such as a recent story published on September 14th.  The story states that Williams Southern had a brand new hydraulic breaker that was stolen.  The company placed a GPS Tracker on the breaker so the signal was able to be traced.  The police then moved in on the piece of equipment and were able to locate the stolen equipment.  This also led to recovering additional stolen items such as a floor saw and different types of power tools.  This is just one of the many ways that heavy equipment tracking can lead to recovering stolen or missing equipment.

   The tracking portal is simple to use for heavy equipment tracking.  The tracking portal provides up to six months history of reports, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, street view, and more.  Alerts may also be configured to notify the user by text message and/or email of events such as motion detected or if the heavy equipment enters or leaves a certain area.  Multiple units can be added underneath the same account and can be tracked using any smart phone, tablet, or computer.