hardwire tracker

Hardwire Tracker Real Time

    The Hardwire Tracker is one of the three different types of GPS Trackers offered by GPS Tracker USA. The Hardwire Tracker is professionally installed and provides updates every minute. It connects to the battery of the vehicle and is undetectable. It can be installed in a number of different types of vehicles including a car, truck, motorcycle, or even a boat. Installation generally takes about an hour and installers can be found at any audio shop or at a car repair shop. The Hardwire Tracker is an alternative to the OBD Tracker since it is difficult to locate and features a kill switch to remotely disable the ignition.

    The kill switch is an added benefit of the Hardwire Tracker and is simple to install. It allows the user to shut off the vehicle with just the click of a button. The kill switch can be accessed from anywhere around the world using any phone, tablet, or computer. Once logged into the software, the user can just disable or enable the ignition depending on the current state of the vehicle. The process takes about 20 seconds to complete and a confirmation message will appear upon completion. The kill switch is a perfect feature for parents who are concerned about their children borrowing the vehicle without permission or in order to prevent your car from getting stolen.

    The software for the Hardwire Tracker is similar to both the Micro Tracker and the OBD Tracker. The software will provide information such as the miles per hour, location, ignition on/off, coordinates, and more. The tracking portal also displays a satellite view, street view, breadcrumb trail, and stores up to six months of report history. The tracking portal can be accessed on any phone, tablet, or computer. Multiple units may be configured underneath the same account, which is ideal for fleet tracking. The Hardwire Tracker is just one of the many tracking options available for real time GPS Tracking.