GPS Tracker placement

GPS Tracker Placement Locations

    The portable Micro Tracker has several different locations that it could be placed.  The GPS Tracker placement is important to ensure that the device is in a concealable area, while still having excellent signal.  GPS Tracker placement varies whether it is being placed on a vehicle, person, or object.  If you do not have access to the vehicle, the recommendation for the GPS Tracker placement is to place the unit on the top side of the frame of the vehicle.  This is the metal frame that is found underneath the vehicle.  The recommendation is to place it a little higher up so it doesn’t fall of when the vehicle goes over any bumps.  The magnetic clip or magnetic case are ideal solutions to affix the GPS Tracker to the frame of the vehicle.

    GPS Tracker placement inside the vehicle can include areas such as the trunk, backseat, or glove box.  These areas will allow the GPS Tracker to still obtain a signal as long as the device isn’t blocked from other objects.  If placing the device in the trunk, make sure it is located in an open space inside the trunk as opposed to being buried where the spare tire is since that can block out the GPS signal.  The ideal GPS Tracker placement is towards the backseat.  This allows the device to not be covered and still hidden.  The GPS Tracker will be able to obtain a signal better as opposed to being buried by a lot of objects.  The glove box can work as a solution as well, but the signal will not be as strong as the backseat.

    GPS Tracker placement on a person or object can vary.  The ideal location to place a GPS Tracker on a person would be inside a person’s pocket or a backpack.  It can also be placed inside a purse for easy tracking.  GPS Tracker placement on an object depends on the type of object.  For jewelry, the recommendation is to place the GPS Tracker inside the jewelry box.  For a painting, the GPS Tracker should be attached to the canvas so the painting can be tracked as it is transported.  GPS Tracker placement is vital to ensuring that the GPS Tracker will keep signal while still being hidden.