camera tracking

GPS Tracker for Camera Tracking

    Camera tracking is another way that GPS trackers can be used to track valuable objects such as expensive photography equipment. Cameras can cost upwards to thousands of dollars, so whether you are part of a production company or a freelance photographer, GPS Trackers may provide an ideal solution. Camera tracking allows a miniature GPS Tracker to be placed on a piece of camera equipment for simple tracking. The GPS Tracker will track the camera’s location at all times and can be tracked directly from a smart phone, tablet or computer. Camera tracking serves as an insurance policy in case the camera goes missing or is stolen.

    The miniature GPS Tracker has two and a half weeks of battery life on a single charge. It can be affixed to a camera using a piece of magnetic clip or can be zip tied to the actual camera. Text/email alerts may be configured if the camera equipment is moved or exits a certain perimeter. Camera tracking will allow for easy location of the device and can save the owner the expense of purchasing a brand new camera. Camera tracking is just one of the many uses for using a GPS Tracker to protect your valuables.

    The GPS Tracking software can be accessed using any computer, tablet or smart phone. The software requires no installation and multiple units may be configured underneath the same account. The account is accessed on a secure server and the GPS software stores up to six months of history. The software will provide information such as a breadcrumb trail, satellite view, street view, and more. Camera tracking is the perfect solution to prevent the loss of expensive equipment and provides an ideal tracking solution. Contact us today for more information and to be given a price quote for large purchases.