golf cart tracking

Golf Cart Tracking with GPS

    Golf cart tracking involves an owner placing a real time GPS Tracker on a golf cart in order to ensure that the golf cart doesn’t get stolen. Golf carts are expensive vehicles and very easy to steal. Golf cart tracking prevents theft by allowing the owner to monitor the location of the golf cart using a phone, tablet, or computer.  The owner will always be able to see the location of the vehicle.  Different GPS Tracker options exist for golf cart tracking including the Micro Tracker and the Hardwire Tracker.  The OBD Tracker may exist as well if the golf cart has an OBD 2 port inside the vehicle.  Each GPS Tracker provides a real time tracking solution.  The Micro Tracker is a battery powered device that lasts for up to two and a half weeks on a single charge.  It can be attached to the golf cart using a magnetic clip or magnetic case.  It has a built in motion sensor that will notify the user anytime the golf cart is in motion.  Golf cart tracking can also be done by using the Hardwire Tracker, which is a GPS Tracker that gets hard wired into the golf cart.  Using this option, the owner doesn’t have to worry about the battery life dying and the GPS Tracker is difficult to remove/detect.

    The GPS Tracking software can be accessed from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.  Multiple units may be added to the same account for golf cart tracking.  This makes it easier for owners of golf carts to track all their vehicles at once.  Golf cart tracking software will provide the location, street view, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, and more. Discounted rates do exist for bulk purchases.  Worldwide tracking is available with a 2G SIM card with a minimum of a 500 mb data plan.  Golf cart tracking provides a long term solution for golf cart theft and allows the owner to always keep track of where their golf carts are located.  Contact GPS Tracker USA to be provided a full price quote.