drone tracking

Drone Tracking Using GPS Tracker

    Due to increasing technology, more and more people are beginning to own drones.  Drone tracking places a real time GPS Tracker on a drone in case the drone goes missing or gets stolen.  The GPS Tracker can be attached right onto the drone using a magnetic clip or another secure material.  The owner of the drone can then log onto a computer or phone and track the location using the easy to use software. Drones can cost thousands of dollars so using drone tracking can serve as an insurance policy in case the drone goes missing. The drone can then be relocated saving the expense of having to purchase a whole new drone.  Drone tracking is just one of many ways to use a GPS Tracker to track a valuable object.

    Drone tracking uses GPS Tracking software to track the drone’s location using a phone or computer.  The software can be configured to provide text/email alerts anytime the drone is in motion or if it enters a perimeter.  Multiple perimeters may be configured underneath one account and multiple drones can be tracked under one account.  The GPS Tracking software allows users to track the drone through satellite view, street view, receive a breadcrumb trail, as well as an all events history for up to six months.  Drone tracking can be configured so each drone is tracked on the same screen and multiple users can be logged in at the same time.

    Contact us today to find out more about Drone tracking.  Drone tracking costs $29.95 per month and has a one time Activation fee of $59.95. Multiple units may be purchased at a discounted rate.  Save thousands of dollars by investing in a solution to ensure that your drones never go missing again.  GPS Tracking is the perfect insurance policy for Drone tracking.