disabled tracking

Disabled Tracking for College Buses

    Disabled tracking involves using GPS Trackers to improve the transportation of permanently or temporarily disabled individuals. Yale is one of the first colleges to implement this technology. Yale has recently submitted a proposal that will track a van service that transports individuals with disabilities. Disabled tracking will make it easier for these disabled individuals to download an app and see the location of their transport vehicle. It is difficult for individuals with disabilities to reach their transport on time, so GPS Trackers can make this process easier and faster. Disabled tracking allows individuals to arrive at the bus stop right on time by knowing the exact location of the transport vehicle. They would be able to see an outlined route to their destination, which will eliminate long wait times. Disabled Tracking is currently being proposed in Yale, but can reach numerous colleges with the proper implementation.

    Disabled tracking can be implemented using GPS Tracker USA’s real time trackers. GPS Tracker USA offers a portable Micro TrackerOBD Tracker, and Hard wire Tracker. Each GPS Tracker provides real time tracking and can be viewed directly from a smart phone. Multiple units can be configured underneath the same account which can be used to monitor multiple transportation vehicles. The GPS Tracking software will provide information such as the miles per hour of the vehicle, exact location, street view, breadcrumb trail, and more. Disabled tracking allows each bus’s location to be shown on the map and a report can be provided of the bus’s current route. Each GPS Tracker can be configured to update every minute, which will provide a minute by minute report of the bus in motion.

    Multiple units may be purchased at a discounted rate for disabled tracking. Contact GPS Tracker USA to place an order and to be provided a price quote.