dashboard camera

Dashboard Camera

The HD DVR is one of the most advanced types of dashboard cameras and is offered from Spy Spot. The HD DVR records high definition video that is stored onto a micro sd memory card. The memory card supports up to 32GB and requires no installation for playback. The HD DVR dashboard camera has a zoom in/out feature as well as a motion sensor. The HD DVR will record video as well as audio. The dashboard camera comes with a suction cup mount which can be used to mount the device to a windshield. The battery is powered through the cigarette lighter of the vehicle, but also has an independent battery, which can be recharged. Cycled recording is another feature of the HD DVR dashboard camera. Once the vehicle is turned on the recording starts and once the vehicle turns off the recording stops.

The HD DVR dashboard camera and the GPS Tracker are two devices that work well together. The GPS Tracker will pinpoint the exact location, while the dashboard camera will provide a clear visual of the location. This is perfect for fleets to monitor the driving activity of their employees and for a concerned parent to monitor their teenager’s driving activity. The dashboard camera is a viable alternative to the GPS Tracker as well as a companion tool. Often times drivers wish they had an event on film, but often times lack that footage. With dashboard cameras, capture all important moments while driving. You never know when you may need to use that footage.