container tracking

Container Tracking Using Real Time GPS Trackers

    Container tracking involves using the portable Micro Tracker in order to track and secure shipments so employers can more efficiently run a business.  Keeping track of containers while in transit could be a difficult process, so GPS Trackers make this process easier.  Companies will always know where their assets are and can track the location right from a phone or computer.  Container tracking allows companies to track multiple containers at once using the easy to use GPS Tracking software.  Containers can be tracked in real time which provides a more efficient solution for container tracking.

    The portable Micro Tracker is the ideal solution for container tracking.  Just place the portable Micro Tracker (about the size of a matchbox) inside a container or outside of a container using a magnetic clip or magnetic case.  The Micro Tracker has up to two and a half weeks of battery life on a single charge and features a rechargeable battery.  In order to use a more efficient battery, the extended battery case can be purchased, which lasts up to six months and also features a magnet at the base.  The extended battery can then be attached to any magnetic surface or even zip tied to a container.  The Micro Tracker has a built in SIM card as well as a built in motion sensor that can be used nationally. It can also be used overseas with a local 2G SIM card.

    Container tracking can be tracked using any tablet device, smart phone, or computer.  All that is needed to track the location is access to the internet.  The GPS Tracking software will provide information such as the exact location, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, street view, and more.  Alerts can be configured via text message and/or email to notify the user when a container arrives at a specific location.  This allows companies to not have to constantly check on the containers, but instead rely on alerts notifying of when a container arrives. Contact us today to be provided a full price quote and for more information.