bug detector

Bug Detector

The bug detector is a spy gadget offered by Spy Spot Investigations that can be used in locating GPS devices as well as camera devices. The bug detector is a portable device with a sensitivity nozzle which can be adjusted accordingly. The bug detector can detect frequencies ranging from 1 MHz – 6.5 GHz. Two modes are featured on the bug detector including the first mode which detects cameras and the second mode, which detects other types of gadgets. The bug detector will detect gadgets such as listening devices, gps trackers, wi-fi, bluetooth, FM, RF, and more. GPS Trackers will be detected as long as they are transmitting at the time that the sweep is completed. Sweeps are simple to conduct and can be completed within an hour if done properly. Vehicle sweeps take about 30 minutes using the Spy Spot bug detector. Just sweep the entire vehicle and the device will let you know that a bug has been located. From there the bug can be removed and other bugs may be detected.

Spy Spot also offers bug sweeps which can be completed in the South Florida area. Vehicle sweeps and home sweeps are two of the types of sweeps offered from Spy Spot InvestigationsBug sweeps are completed using sophisticated equipment valued over one hundred thousand dollars! If their is a bug in your home, business, or vehicle, Spy Spot’s bug detector will detect it. The more professional bug sweep is recommended for large businesses and homes where a portable bug detector will take too long to complete. Contact Spy Spot to be provided a price quote on a professional bug sweep.

GPS Trackers are becoming increasingly popular so protect yourself by scanning for GSM devices. The bug detector will ensure that you are not being followed and provide a sense of security. GPS Trackers are so small that they are virtually undetectable so the bug detector may be the right tool to detect them. The bug detector is simple to use that even a novice will have no issues scanning for bugs. The bug detector comes with detailed instructions and is guaranteed to locate any bugs if they are within the vicinity.