anti-theft tracking

Anti-theft Tracking

    GPS Trackers are becoming increasingly used for anti-theft trackingGPS Trackers can be placed on wholesale products such as food or even electronics at major retail stores. One way that GPS Trackers have been used for anti-theft tracking is in one situation where they were placed on Kit Kat bars at a major distributor. Thieves attempted to rob a wholesale distributor, but a GPS was placed inside the box of Kit Kats, which led to apprehension. The GPS was placed inside the vending machine and the GPS pinpointed the location to the West Midlands area. Another way that GPS has been used for anti-theft tracking is by placing the GPS inside a Game Stop in Houston. The GPS Tracker was hidden inside a stolen game console, which would eventually lead to the criminal’s arrest. These are just two examples of the many ways that GPS Trackers can be used for anti-theft tracking.

    The portable Micro Tracker is the ideal solution for anti-theft tracking. The Micro Tracker has a single charge that can last up to two and a half weeks. The battery is rechargeable and can be viewed from any phone or computer. The Micro Tracker even has a feature that will alert the user by text message and/or email anytime the device is moved. This is ideal to place the device in a stationary location so if anything is ever tampered with, the user can track the device right from a phone or computer. The Micro Tracker can be placed in electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and video game consoles. The tracker can also be placed in jewelry cases as well as medical supplies and several other types of objects. Although the Micro Tracker may be predominantly viewed as a vehicle tracker, it has several uses that allow it to be used for anti-theft tracking.